We offer the following Services:

Residential Valuation
This comprises a cursory inspection and focuses on value and any matters that materially affect it. It is suitable for property purchases and acquisitions, tax, probate, matrimonial and retrospective purposes. It is also suitable for development appraisals, Housing Association “stair-casing” and insurance valuations.
RICS HomeBuyer Report
This is a standard format report, suitable for residential houses and flats, using a traffic light system to illustrate the condition ratings of elements within a property. It also includes an opinion of Market Value and a Buildings Insurance reinstatement cost guide. Its aim is to assist in making an informed decision on a property purchase in an economical package.
Property Survey (pre acquisition survey)
This report is the interim level between the RICS HomeBuyer (HBR) and a Building Survey and is suitable for houses, flats and commercial property. It is aimed at clients not requiring a valuation integral with the report. Whilst providing more detail than the condition rating of the HomeBuyer, it has less depth and is quicker to produce than a Building Survey.
Building Survey (formerly Structural Survey)
This is a bespoke and very detailed technical survey, followed by a long report (50-80 pages including appendices and images), which also discusses defects and recommendations. It is suitable for larger houses and commercial property. It is not considered appropriate for flats due to limitations of the inspection where the entire building is not fully surveyed. It provides a lot of general repair and maintenance advice which some clients may regard as surplus to their requirements or budget, particularly if the report is required in earnest.
Pre-purchase feasibility advice
For proposed alterations, extensions and remodeling etc. This is an additional service to the three main surveys above (excluding Valuations) for clients who require further advice and guidance in addition to their chosen survey and report.
Building Consultancy
This service includes Defects Analysis, Party Wall Matters, Schedules of Condition, Snagging Lists, General Fire Safety, Dampness and other technical advice.
Expert Witness
We offer a comprehensive expert witness service, including single joint expert, on a range of matters including formal valuations for disputes. These range from possible diminutions in value, retrospective valuations, matrimonial or partnership splits, second opinions and professional negligence. We also cater for building defects, disrepair, general building disputes, landlord and tenant repair, major works and service charge disputes including with local authorities. We carry out our instructions in accordance with statutory and professional requirements, and aim to present technical and complicated issues in a clear and understandable manner. We have acted for clients in court and tribunals presenting thoroughly researched evidence to confidently sustain an opinion under cross examination.


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